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Our talented PR professionals keep your brand in forefront of journalists' minds

Eyes2market's multi-lingual PR teams attain the best possible quality media coverage for you, in national, regional, lifestyle and niche titles. Talented PR professionals strategically manage TV, radio, press and online campaigns

on site

Press Office

Eyes2market provides experts who can write business plans, audit your existing literature, website and marketing activity and guarantee to increase your penetration into the European Market.

We implement communications and marketing strategies for luxury hotels, unique destinations, spas and hospitality companies targeting the upscale leisure and corporate market.

Journalists are busy people.

Eyes2market's teams ensure that the media receives necessary information,  when they need it.
  • Image library, video clips and footage.
  • Creation and distribution of press packs.
  • Development of media functions, briefings and interviews
  • Organisation if group and individual press visits
  • Press clipping service; social media monitor
  • Pro-active media initiative to national and regional press, TV and broadcast, consumer and lifestyle media, business and financial media, travel trade and nice media.
  • Speech writing, interviews and client media training

Media training
Our highly skilled team of broadcast and print media specialists can provide you with the training to help you craft the right messages and get these across to the right audience.

Maximise your trade and consumer show attendance

Trade and Consumer Show Support
  • Distribute press releases
  • Pitch for interviews and media briefings
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Stand and Event Organising

A dedicated PR Professional just for you

We can allocate a PR manager at your stand for the duration of the show.

Eyes2market also offers:
  • Meet and greet services,
  • VIP assistance
  • Government and high profile liasion.

Crisis and Issues

Protecting your image in the event of a crisis.

Our strategy is simply.

Be prepared

If something has gone wrong or is about to go wrong, we can help you successfully manage your media communications.

Write an effective crisis plan, and stick to it.  Update it regularly with your key personnel's contact details, and keep your staff involved in the proces.  

A crisis can evolve at any time, it does not have to be of your making.  But it is your responsibility to ensure truthful and timely information get's to both the media and your customers.  Eyes2market are experts in this process and regularly produce crisis plans for a variety of both government and commercial clients.

Promotions and events

Eyes2market's talented press managers are passionate about media and have extensive knowledge of the promotional marketplace.

Consumer Promotions and affiliate marketing

Eyes2market's PR programmes identify brand influencers and creates a process for communicating to your target audience through multiple channels - Affinity Marketing, both on-page and on-line and where relevant using mobile marketing to reach the youth and under 35 market, all part of a rich and multi facited Public Relations Programme.  And we never forget, the oldest PR tool of all word or mouth.

Creative events

Press Conferences - for clients who have important news, revelant to each market.

Road shows - Product Launches:
  • Venue Finding & contract negotiation
  • Delegate registration and communication
  • Travel logistics
  • Pre event management support
  • Programme planning
  • On site event management staff
  • Audiovisual & Production requirements
  • Entertainment & Speaker management

Promotions that bring results

Tactical promotions to work in low demand times.

Brand promotions that confirm your image.

Is your brand working as hard as it could?

Connecting your brand with "non-traditional" elements creates a connection in consumers' minds, that can influence their next travel decision.

Events that create that special feeling

Events that stay in mind

Eyes2market's campaigns and events are under pinned by the thought:
People may forget what you did or did not do; but people will never forget how you made them feel!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube are indispensable marketing tools in today’s multi-screen world.


Social Media Marketing

is more than just having the obligatory Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and/ or Youtube account.

It's about finding the right network for your brand.
It´s about creating emotion and enggement with your audience.
It´s about converting the interest in real bookings.

Eyes2market applies simple and effective techniques:

  1. Audit: Monitoring and identifying the most relevant social media for you
  2. Engage: Defining messaging, generating content and then outreaching to channels that make sense to your tourism product.
  3. Measure: evaluating social media interaction.

Eyes2market's social media campaigns include:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Insta-Stories
  • Organic- and paid social media activation

Our latest blog posts

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Abgehoben-der Reisepodcast, Folge 2.6: Jung, mittelalt, alt - Gouda ist nicht nur Käse

{loadposition abgehoben2-6} Bei dem Wort „Gouda“ muss ich sofort an Käse denken und ich glaube, so geht es den meisten. Dass Gouda aber auch eine wunderschöne pittoreske Stadt im Westen der Niederlande ist, darauf kommt kaum jemand. Ich habe mit meinem guten Freund und Kollegen Harry Betist gesprochen, er wohnt...


Abgehoben-der Reisepodcast, Folge 205 - Gorillas, Bananenbier, Kuhtanz und Kaffee

Abgehoben-der Reisepodcast, Folge 205 - Gorillas, Bananenbier, Kuhtanz und Kaffee

{loadposition abgehoben2-5}Ruanda ist das Land der tausend Hügel: Neblige Regenwälder im Hochland sind die Rückzugsstätten der letzten freilebenden Berggorillas. Aber nicht nur Gorillas, sondern auch die beeindruckende Kultur und bewegende Geschichte des Landes ziehen Besucher in ihren Bann. Nützliches für die Reiseplanung Von Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz gibt es...


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{loadposition abgehoben2-4}Normalerweise schreiben wir die Blogposts für unsere Gäste, heute darf ich als Gast selbst schreiben, darüber freue ich mich sehr. Ich bin in Dänemark geboren und aufgewachsen, mittlerweile lebe ich seit vielen Jahren in Deutschland mit meiner Familie. Wir besuchen Dänemark regelmäßig und haben mit unserem Sohn jeden Sommer...


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