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Famtrip to The Islands of Tahiti 27.11. - 05.12.2017

In cooperation with Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti Tourisme invited 8 tour operators to The Islands of Tahiti. During our stay we experienced the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Bora Bora and Rangiroa.

During the 8 days we had a perfect combination of site inspections and excursions. We get to know the different types of accommodation, the uniqueness of the destination and its islands lifestyle.

With a group of 10 ladies we take a lot of pictures, below a few impressions.


Blue Lagoon Rangiroa

Exploring a pineapple plantation


Welcoming in Tahiti

Annual sales meeting in Tahiti

In September I had the pleasure to travel to the beautifull "Islands of Tahiti". I was truely intrigued by the beauty of the islands and embraced by the Mana.

Thanks to the amazing team and see you next year.

Equipe Europe Seminar Sept 2016Simone1


En partenariat avec le tour opérateur Uniclam, Tahiti Tourisme et la compagnie aérienne Air Tahiti Nui pour représenter le groupe polynésien South Pacific ManagementEyes2market France était présent ce mardi 24 mai 2016 à la fosse de plongée la plus profonde du monde : le Nemo 33 en Belgique.  Les 21 agents présents ont ainsi pu profiter d'une session d'initiation à la plongée, de formations ainsi que d'un dîner aux saveurs asiatiques ... Un véritable voyage pour s'immerger dans la culture polynésienne !

Eductour_Belgique1 IMG_7084

Webinar for Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme is organizing three webinars for Travel Agents who want to deepen their knowledge of Tahiti. During the 25-minute long sessions, participants will be informed of all the main selling points for  "The Islands of Tahiti" to enable them to give the best advise to their clients.

The first webinar will be on Tuesday 20 October at 9 o´clock. The second webinar will be on Wednesday, 21 October at 13 o´clock and the third webinar will be on Thursday 22 October at 16 o´clock. For the particpating travel agents there will be a raffle with a chance to win Tahitian pearls. 

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